We demand the provision of a high quality and affordable education that centers the experinces of black and low income students.

+Place the Needs of Students First +Pay Teachers More +Place More Emphiasis on Mental Helath

Transform the Police

+Review Use of Force Policies + Invest in Community based Public safety Solutions +End the cash bail system

Demand fair and full access to business opportunity, loans and homeownership opportunities free from inequitable obstacles

+Increase minority participation in Public Contracting, by establishing specific benchmarks and goals by industry sector to be reached by 2022 +Improve Acess to business and home loans

Demands full employment and empowerment of the Macon-Bibb's blue-collar workforce.

+Raise the Minimum wage for County Employees to the $15 per hour living wage +Create and support more job training and adult literacy programs +Require that tip-based employees still receive minimum wage protections

Eliminate Healthcare and Food Disparities

+Develop public gardens every 10 miles in communities currently in a food desert. +Develop and implement youth programs to plant, grow, and maintain local gardens +Mobile farmers market initiative- Snap accepted +Developed Chain of Community owned Small Grocery Stores

Cultivate a civically engaged and knowledgeable group of progressive leaders and run them for office, win, and hold them accountable for radical change.

+Design a multi year-long leadership program designed to nurture the next crop of progressive community activist.

Empower communities of color with the opportunities to thrive, giving them the autonomy to create and control the quality of their surroundings, and service offerings.

+To Establish a Community Benefits Agreements for any new development and Construction Projects over $500,000 +Eradicate those businesses that pillage from the black community through tighter zoning and restrictions. (i.e. amusement machines, pawnshops, payday lending etc.) +Free Wireless Internet Service for all households +Provide free access to mental health and family counseling +Remove Confederate Statues from Downtown Area

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