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Wheelchair Accessibility


What is Disability Insurance?

A type of coverage that replaces a portion of your income if injury or illness prevents you from working. It provides financial security for you and any loved ones who may depend on your ability to earn a paycheck. You may also hear disability insurance referred to as disability income insurance or income protection.

Plan Rules:

  • Eligibility: Full-time employees working 20 or more hours per week

  • Coverage through Mutual of Omaha

  • Employee must be actively at work on the effective date

  • Employees must use sick leave (if available) in conjunction with the disability benefit

  • Short Term Disability - No health questions - Every Year at Open Enrollment! (Pre-existing condition will apply for new participants)

  • Long Term Disability - If electing outside of the initial open enrollment period, health questions will be required

  • Participants can begin the required disability paperwork up to 3-4 weeks before going out on disability

Mutual of Omaha Website Link

Contact Campus Benefits for assistance with claims.


Call 1-866-433-7661, option 5


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