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Georgia's Public Education EAP

What is Georgia's Public Education Employee Assistance Program?

Georgia’s Public Education Employee Assistance Program is a partnership between Acentra Health and the Georgia Department of Education, and will be provided at no cost to districts, schools, or employees. This program is designed to support the mental health and wellness of teachers and staff. Eligible employees will have access to mental health counseling, financial and legal resources, and work/life referral services through the EAP.

Plan Rules

  • Eligibility: All public school Pre-K-12 teachers and K-12 public school employees who work at least 29 hours a week along with their household members and children up to age 26

  • Services provided are confidential and at no cost to you

  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 866-279-5177 to speak with an experienced counselor

Types of Services Offered

  • Up to four free confidential counseling sessions* per issue  

  • A free 30-minute legal consultation with an experienced attorney 

  • A free 30-minute financial consultation with a financial professional 

  • Referrals for care and resources for employee loved ones 

  • Assistance finding services for such daily life issues as home repairs, moving, pet care and travel 

To access the Employee Assistance Program member website, click the link below and enter the Company Code: GADOE

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